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Meet the Officers

Lt. Eric Schwartz

Lieutenant Eric Schwartz joined the Atlanta Police Department in 2004. During his tenure he has served at the rank of Police Officer, Investigator, and Sergeant prior to his promotion to Lieutenant. He worked as a patrol officer for 2 years in Zone 4 on the midnight shift where his primary duty was to respond to 911 calls. In April of 2007 Schwartz was assigned to the Office of the Chief/Public Affairs Unit where he acted as a spokesperson for the department. He was promoted to the rank of Investigator in 2010 where he worked general investigations in Zone 6 before being transferred to the Narcotics Unit. His promotion to Sergeant occurred in 2012 and he worked in Zone 3 investigations, the Narcotics Unit, and the Support Services Division. Schwartz was promoted to Lieutenant in 2017 and served as the Evening Watch Commander in Zone 4, before being assigned to his current position as lieutenant over the Atlanta Police Training Academy.

Lt. Nick Parete

Lieutenant Nick Parete started his career with the Atlanta Police Department in 2004. Since his graduation from the Atlanta Police Academy, Parete worked in Zone 5 as a patrol officer for 7 years prior to obtaining the rank of sergeant in 2011. As a sergeant, Parete was again assigned to Zone 5, where his primary responsibility was supervising a group of officers in Midtown. He worked in Zone 5 as a sergeant until 2015. Since that time, Parete worked in the Gang Unit, Gun Reduction Task Force, and then served on Zone 2's evening watch. In 2018, Parete was promoted to lieutenant and now serves as the Evening Watch Commander in Zone 1.

Ofc. Ryan Severance

Officer Ryan Severance started his career with the Atlanta Police Department in 2008. Officer Severance currently is assigned to Zone 2 where he works on the Burglary Unit.

While our officers above account for the majority of the Riverside Patrol hours, there is a deep pool of officers that can be counted on to serve the Riverside and Whittier Mill Village neighborhoods. Every officer has at least 10 years of experience with the Atlanta Police Department. They come from diverse assignments and backgrounds, and each brings their unique experience to the community patrol. Further, the varying assignments allow a great deal of flexibility in scheduling patrol hours to best meet the needs of Riverside and Whittier Mill Village and the ever-changing crime trends.

Scheduling is targeted to best meet the needs of the community head-on. The Riverside Patrol analyzes crime data for the area and adjusts to be “in the right place, at the right time.”  This strategy has met with success as the patrol has been able to intervene in burglaries that were in progress, narcotics violations, and stolen cars. On numerous occasions, suspicious activity has been addressed and halted because of the Riverside Patrol's presence, and suspected perpetrators have fled the area at high rates of speed upon spotting our officers on patrol.