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Block Captain Program

What is the Block Captain Program and what does my Block Captain do?

The Block Captain Program was formed to help the RNA and the Riverside Patrol get to know the community and provide better service to you.  Due to the large number of homes in Riverside and the greater area covered by the Riverside Patrol, it is impossible for the RNA Board to know when new neighbors move in, or when issues arise on Blocks that RNA board members do not reside in.  Your Block Captain is responsible for keeping everyone's contact information on your block up to date and letting us know when current neighbors move out and new neighbors move-in. This way either your Block Captain or someone on the RNA can welcome the new neighbor and introduce them to the RNA and/or Riverside Patrol.  Also, they are responsible for letting us know when neighborhood issues need to be addressed on your block, e.g. code enforcement issues, missing road signs, etc.  We also encourage the Block Captains to plan small gatherings for everyone to get to know each other better. 

Starting in 2017, the Riverside Blocks (Blue, Brown, Gold, Goldenrod, Gray, Green, Periwinkle, Pink, Purple, and Yellow) will be asked to also "host" a monthly membership meeting (January-October) of Riverside Neighborhood Association. Hosting duties will include promoting the meeting date/time and planning a children's activity for the meeting. 

What Block do I live in?

Below is a map of Riverside, Whittier Mill and a small section of Bolton (Parkview II and Collins Drive) which are covered by the Riverside Security Patrol.  Riverside includes Blocks Blue, Brown, Gold, Goldenrod, Gray, Green, Periwinkle, Pink, Purple, and Yellow.  Whittier Mill Village includes Blocks Kelly Green, Plum and Red and Vinings on the Chattahoochee includes Blocks Canaray Yellow and Turquoise.  The portion of Bolton covered by the Riverside Patrol is Block Lavender. If you are unsure of your block after looking at the map, please email for further help.

Who is my Block Captain?

  • Riverside:
    • Blue - Brock Cline (
    • Brown - Melina Van Matre ( & Catie McDermott (
    • Gold - Need Block Captain -- volunteer today by emailing
    • Goldenrod - Don Penovi (  &  Joann Penovi (
    • Gray - Rosemary Bolton ( & Terry Holmer (
    • Green - Need Block Captain -- volunteer today by emailing
    • Periwinkle - Kitty Wickes (
    • Pink - Carolyn Redmond (
    • Purple - Gina Ragsdale (
    • Yellow - Jess Schurman (
  • Parkview II/Collins Dr.: 
    • Lavender - Michael Saba (
      • includes section of Bolton Road, Collins road, Collins Drive and Collins Ridge Drive. 
  • Whittier Mill:
    • Kelly Green - Whittier Mill Village Association
      • includes Butler Way, Burden Street, and Fabin Street.
    • Plum - Whittier Mill Village Association
      • includes Spad Avenue, Spring Circle and Wales Avenue.  Also includes portions of Layton Avenue, Parrot Avenue, Whittier Avenue.
    • Red Whittier Mill Village Association
      • includes Burden Street, Tribble Drive, McCaw Street and Maco Street. Also includes part of Parrot Avenue. 
  • Vinings on the Chattahoochee: 
    • Canary - Ana Maria Martinez (
      • Eastern part of VOC including sections of Calloway Court, Hatteras Way, Old Georgian Terrace, Shale Lane, Silas Way and Village Crest Way. 
    • Turqouise - Jonnene Nagel (
      • Western part of VOC including sections of Calloway Court, Hatteras Way, Silas Way and Village Crest Way.