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Meetings & Minutes


Per Article VI of the Riverside Neighborhood Association's Bylaws: 

Section 1: Time and Place of Meetings: The Association will meet regularly in the Community Room at the City of Atlanta’s Fire Station No. 28, 1925 Hollywood Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30318, at 7:00 pm on the third Tuesday of each month (except December), excepting those times and dates as the President, in consultation with the Executive Committee, may choose (the “Regular Membership Meetings”).

Section 2: Special Meetings: Special Meetings of the membership may be called by the President or Executive Committee upon 48 hours notice.

Section 3: Committee Meetings: The Executive Committee and/or other committees of the Association may meet at other times to conduct the business of the Association.

Section 4: Annual Meeting: The Association will hold an annual meeting in November of each year (the “Annual Meeting”). The Annual Meeting and the Regular Membership Meeting meeting may concurrently occur. The officers will be elected at that meeting to serve in the next year’s term. Anyone is allowed to attend this meeting but only members in good standing (see Article IV and V) are allowed to vote at this meeting.

Section 5: Nominations: Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the Annual Meeting.

Section 6: Agendas: Subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, the President shall prepare the agenda for the Regular Membership Meetings and special meetings. Any person may add an item to the agenda by: (a) submitting the item in writing to the Executive Committee at least seven (7) days in advance of the meeting or; (b) making a motion at to the Executive Committee to add an item to the Regular Membership Meeting or special meeting agendas at those respective meetings. Adoption of that motion requires a second and majority vote.

Section 7: Public Comment: Any person in attendance making comments shall be limited to two minutes for any one item of business. The President or Presiding Officer may allow more time in his/her sole discretion. 


Monthly Membership Minutes: Click here to view our past meeting minutes.